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If you wish we equipp this decoder with a soundproject free of charge.


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REAL 16 bit resolution - 22 or 44 kHz sample rate - 16 channels - 128 Mbit memory - multi-protocol: DCC, mfx *, MM

Predecessor in the "MX world": MX648.

Miniature sound decoder with optional PluX16 interface or wired in the versions MS480P16, MS480, MS480R, MS480F. The dimensions of this SOUND decoder correspond exactly to the NMRA and VHDM standards for NON-SOUND decoders with PluX16!

"MS-Sound" with 1W fully digital sound amplifier for 8 ohm speakers.

"Stay-alive": No special connection, but as with all decoders, an external circuit with some diodes, resistors and the energy storage capacitor up to 1000 µF can be connected.

General and special PROPERTIES

All ZIMO MS locomotive decoders are functionally largely identical.


DCC addresses 1 ... 10239, network addresses 1 ... 9999 (from 2017), MM addresses 1 ... 80, functions F0 ... F28), mfx *, 14, 28 or 128 (external) speed steps, 256 or 1024 internal steps Programming the CVs in "Service Mode" (on the programming track) and in "Operational Mode" (with RailCom for acknowledging and reading out), under mfx, if available, Undisturbed driving operation (without decoder reset and restart) in the event of contact interruptions for up to 1 or 2 seconds (effective even without external energy storage) Automatic continued travel if the wheel / rail contact is interrupted until the supply is restored (if there is sufficient energy storage - "Stay alive" - ​​in the locomotive; see section "ENERGY STORAGE, below)"). DC and AC analog operation, the latter including reversal of direction by Märklin-typical overvoltage impulse (up to 35V) Update-capable software: new software versions are loaded without opening the locomotive, with the help of the ZIMO decoder update device MXULF (A) or the central controller MX31ZL from the USB stick or directly from the computer via ZSP ("ZIMO Sound Programmer ") and MXULF or (planned) via MX10.


Overcurrent protection for all outputs, overtemperature protection, for details see info under "Total current" Protection against overvoltage peaks in the motor inductance by suppressor diodes Dielectric strength: at least 35 V (depending on the type).


Low-noise high-frequency motor control, optionally with 20 or 40 kHz suitable for all DC motors and bell armature motors (Faulhaber, Maxxon), with additional diodes also

AC motors

Also for "difficult cases" such as Fleischmann round motors, or old, only low frequency


ZIMO motor control with self-optimization and numerous setting options for manual

optimization (PID parameters)

Speed ​​characteristic optionally three-point or freely programmable in 28 steps (according to the standard) Alternative "OST-WEST" direction control and feedback, together with basic device MX10 and remote MX32 (from SW version 5.00) km / h control (per speed step 1/2 km / h, 1 km / h or 2 km / h) as an alternative to conventional speed step control, (from SW version 5.00) adjustable measure to compensate for the gearbox backlash when reversing the direction to avoid the starting jolt (from SW version 5.00) ZIMO acceleration settings ("conforming to the standard", additionally "exponential" for smooth starting / stopping, "adaptive" against starting jolt) (from SW version 5.00) maneuvering key functions (half speed, reduction or switch-off of the starting / braking time, optionally with F3, F4, or MAN)


full NMRA function mapping for F0 - F12, as well as ZIMO extensions (direction-dependent assignments, etc.) Dimming, blinking, American (Mars, Ditch, Strobe, ...) and other lighting effects (soft start, brake light, flickering, automatic time-out, ..) High beam / low beam switching via function key, one-sided light suppression, configuration of smoke generators, etc. "ZIMO Swiss Mapping" for complex lighting conditions depending on several function keys, with individually assignable dimming and flashing functions "ZIMO input mapping", especially for the user to exchange the function keys without changing the actual configuration time-limited clutch control for Krois and Roco clutches; "Clutch waltz" (automatic pressure to relieve the hook and move away) SUSI interface on the connector or as soldering pads, for large scale decoders with 4-pin "SUSI plug" In addition to the actual function outputs, all MS decoders have "logic level outputs", for example as servo control lines, or with an external transistor for normal loads (LEDs, etc.) All decoders have a servo control, those for N to H0 as a secondary function of the SUSI connections, large scale decoders with full 3-pin servo connections including 5V supply. Servo configuration with special CVs for end and middle

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