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Indicators with LED

If the pedestrian signal from green to red, are all pedestrians who have already entered the road, quickly cross the ford or go to the nearest safe footprint.

With Rotbeginn the clearance time of the pedestrian begins, which ensures that the entire pedestrian secured area at a speed between 1.0 and 1.5 m / s (usually 1.2 m / s) safe until the next area can traverse. Only after the pedestrian crossing crossing traffic is released. For turning vehicle handlebar does not mean a red signaled pedestrian crossing that there are no pedestrians are allowed.

If a common signal for pedestrians and cyclists used this has particular at major intersections unnecessarily long waiting times for cyclists result, which could pass the intersection at the beginning of the red phase for pedestrians because of their higher speed yet certain. For this reason, an additional Radampel is often mounted, which sometimes later switched to red. In the United States, cyclists may well geared to the nearing Rotschaltung red flashing pedestrian signals, which are often linked to a count-down countdown. A flashing pedestrian signal already know the cyclist that he needs to accelerate in order not to have to wait. If the Countdown to 2 (small intersection) or 5 (major intersection) progressed, the cyclist knows that the time for safe crossing the intersection is no longer sufficient. Immediately with continuous red for the pedestrian (immediately following in Countdown to "1") the yellow signal starts to traffic.

The signal color "yellow" is not used in Germany for pedestrian lights in most cases. Exception is the city of Dusseldorf, which has "red-yellow-green" signals for pedestrians. [9] Some people are irritated by this caution period, which is why the city of Dusseldorf distributed an eight-page brochure. Topic was: How to proceed in Dusseldorf on the road



According to model SG300

Power supply: blue newly and plus, Cable colors give light color 12-24 Volt

Total height: approx 49mm

round mounting base diameter 5.5mm

Materials: brass mast, signal and body and mast foot plastic

Realised traffic light control with Q-Decoder Z1-16 +, decoders can also be programmed by us, send mail

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