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109,10 EUR

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The 2050 series is a diesel-electric locomotive. The 12-cylinder two-stroke V diesel engine of the GM Electro-Motive Division of La Grange, Illinois USA with a capacity of 112 l works according to the so-called Gleichstromspülverfahren. Connected to the engine is a generator system which supplies DC power to the four parallel-mounted Tatzlagerfahrmotoren which drive via a gear transmission, the wheelsets. The engine power can be changed by a speed adjustment in eight stages. All locomotives have an automatic brake system, an indirect air brake and Sifa - Indusi is only partially available. 2050.02 got - after an interim expansion - as the only a train heating system (visible on the roof superstructures) to be available for express and special trains. 2050.012 and 016 - 018 are tandem capable, which means that they can be operated in double traction from a driver's cab by only one driver.

Function assignment:

F0 = light

F3 = horn

F4 = sound on / off

F5 = horn

F6 = clutch

F7 = announcement

F8 = compressed air

F9 = fan

F10 = conductor

F11 = bell

F12 = curve squishing

Package content: Sound locc decoder incl. Loudspeaker


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