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With the SwitchPilot V2.0 we present you today the second, improved version of our tried and tested accessory decoder. It is a robust multi-protocol switch and turnout decoder for switching up to 4 double-coil solenoid items (e.g. turnouts) or 8 consumers such as uncoupling tracks or light bulbs (e.g. turnouts, street or house lighting). Thanks to its intelligent software, it can be used with DCC or Motorola®.

Operating modes

The SwitchPilot can be used with DCC and Motorola®. It is compatible with the DCC standard and is addressed with turnout commands. The addresses 01 - 127 are possible when operating under Motorola®. The operating mode is recognized fully automatically

How it works

The SwitchPilot can either be supplied directly from the digital center or separately from a DC or AC voltage transformer. Up to four double coil drives from all known manufacturers can be connected to its 8 transistor outputs, each with 1A continuous output power. The switch-on time can be freely selected from 0.1 s to 1 second per output in order to prevent the drives from burning out without a limit switch. In this operating mode, the SwitchPilot is k83-compatible. Alternatively, a continuous output mode can be selected for each of the outputs in order to supply light signals or other loads such as turnout, street or house lighting directly through the SwitchPilot. Effects such as cross-fading ("zoom") or a flashing light function help you to create true-to-life light signal images or level crossings. The SwitchPilot takes over the most important properties of the well-known k84 decoders.


But the SwitchPilot V2.0 can do even more: Two conventional RC servos can be controlled directly. In addition to the actuating speed, the two end positions can also be specified individually for each servo. This means that particularly prototypical, slow and powerful point machines can be implemented regardless of the track system and gauge, e.g. for controlling shape signals or level crossings. The servo pulse can be switched off when the end position is reached. Furthermore, the power supply to the servo can be interrupted to prevent some inexpensive servos from "humming".


In connection with an ECoS control center as the ideal "partner", the SwitchPilot can record and display the actual position of the turnout during the mechanical preparation of your turnout drive or turnout: At last you can be certain that your turnout has actually switched correctly!


The SwitchPilot can be programmed flexibly: On the one hand, it supports all DCC programming modes including POM (main track programming). Assuming a control center with a programming track output, all settings can be checked and changed with it. Alternatively, you can also assign the address directly on the SwitchPilot using the programming button: press the button - trigger a switching command on the central unit - done.

SwitchPilot Extension

If necessary, the SwitchPilot can be supplemented with the SwitchPilot Extension Module: Docked to the side of the SwitchPilot, it offers 4 relay outputs for switching potential-free consumers or for polarizing the frog


As with our locomotive decoders, the SwitchPilot is also designed to be largely indestructible: All transistor outputs of the SwitchPilot are protected against overload and short circuits.

Built-in future

The internal software of the SwitchPilot V2.0 can be replaced with new, more up-to-date software at any time with the help of the ESU LokProgrammer. This means that you always stay up to date with changes to standards and benefit from any new functions.

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